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"Only Nixon could go to China"

"Only old White men can end Racism"

Our Mission

We are Dedicated to the Peaceful Transfer of Power
and Our Nation’s Founding Ideals,
to a New Multi-Ethnic American Generation.  


United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Why Multi-Ethnic instead of Multi-Racial?


In the spirit of The Enlightenment, an era of intellectual content that formed the basis of our new republic, we stay scientific and will not use the generic term multi-racial, because it is an incorrect usage. In scientific and anthropological fact, there is only one race, the human race. When the word multi-racial is used in communication it is in fact an incorrect usage, the proper term is multi-ethnic.

So what about the word Racism, which is a proper noun labeling a specific set of behaviors and attitudes?  in that case while our earlier sentiments still generally apply, it is a proper noun, a name, and the rule we use would not specifically apply. We like precision and clarity, we try and say what we mean because we do mean what we say.

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