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Our Story

In the time of the writing of the Declaration of Independence we often think everything in its creation went smoothly, but that was not altogether the case. The principles of freedom, for all, were a cause of debate because of the men of the slave-holding states. These men were of a mind to keep the status quo, they enjoying freedom and equality under the law, their slaves having no human rights whatsoever.  The opponents of slavery understood that this could easily break their fragile 13 colony coalition and so when pushed, they removed some phrases that were openly anti-slavery in nature.

It would be over 70 years before this issue would come to disunion and violence.


The Civil War, primarily fought over the right to own other humans, would see over 1,000,000 casualties, with the clear-cut military results going to the Union. The results for the affected African+Americans was initially everything that should have been, but as history would show, they were betrayed by the worst kind of political corruption involving both political parties.

The war had ended but soon its memory would become much muddier as regards the reality of the South's role and the betrayal of Black Americans by the Nation's White political establishment.

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It is now obvious that the Confederacy’s surrender, was only a surrender of the Robert E. Lee military. Most historians recognize that even the assasination of Lincoln was an act of the un-surrendered spirit of the Confederacy, and may have even been a mission of southern spies. The participants all were sons of the Confederacy and they believed they were continuing the fight. They never surrendered the fight to keep people of color, and other groups, under their White domination.


There is clear historical evidence that the Confederacy back then, and the Confederacy's intellectual heirs and their enablers, to this very day, have fought a consistent campaign against citizens of the United States to deprive them of their civil and constitutional rights using all forms of power and terror including violence to continue the fight for White supremacy. 

Let us be clear, Racism, White supremacy, White nationalisms, are not the philosophies of patriotic Americans. They are decidedly un-American at their very root, and most have histories of un-American activities. It is un-American to deny others the ideals set forth in our founding words "All men are created equal" or our eternal motto: "E Pluribus Unum".

After the war it looked like the right steps were being taken through Reconstruction. But Reconstruction was being sabotaged daily by political actors that went as high up as the President. Make no mistake, Andrew Johnson was no friend of Reconstruction. But gains were made and clearly Reconstruction was giving the newly freed slaves/new citizens opportunities never before possible. The un-surrendered Confederacy chafed mightily at the occupation of their lands by the Union Army, a constant reminder of who defeated their armed forces. With the new citizens being protected, it became especially galling for these people who defended slavery to the death. It would be no surprise to say the South used every means at their disposal to continue their reign of White supremacy. Finally, the election for President gave the South the leverage needed to overturn the results of the war. The Tilden-Hayes Presidential Election resulted in the Compromise of 1877. [1] In this Presidential Election the Electoral College results had thrown it to the Congress to decide. Congress took several votes to no end. Then they went into the backrooms and made a deal. This was a deal whereby the Northern Republicans had their man Rutherford B. Hayes declared the winner of the Presidential race and the Southern Democrats received the concession of the removal of Federal Troops which had been enforcing the Reconstruction and safeguarding the newly freed slaves, now citizens of The United States.

Betraying everything fought for and won by patriots in the Civil War at a cost in blood of over a million souls, it was probably the single most shameful event in our history. (Certainly the anti-asian civil rights violations of World War II are of the same piece and intensity, though committed without a two party quid pro quo.)

These were dark days when prejudices seemed stronger than the nobler ideals of our forefathers. This was a reaction we were to see often: When Black Americans made any progress, it was met with the hate born of fear. With the Emancipation Proclamation and Reconstruction, there were elements of the society that found the process wholly intolerable, unable to deal with Black equality. Jim Crow was born of this hate and it must be said, it was not just Blacks who suffered under the system. The system had little use for many poor southern Whites and used Racism as part of the process to keep them also in their 'place'.  It was in the years leading up to the turn of the new century that we saw a great apathy towards the 4th class rights of Black Americans. For that matter, an examination of the treatment of most non-White peoples during the 19th Century would show us as a nation lacking.

A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. - Theodore Roosevelt

World Wars came and were fought and ended.

As with any time individuals serve their country, there is an implicit societal agreement that returning victorious warriors are (if slaves) given their freedom and citizenship in the country for which they fought. Certainly, you don't risk your life to come back to slavery or to be treated as a lowest class citizen. Yet though Black Americans have fought in every American war and conflict, often alongside the White soldiers and sailors, when they returned home victorious, it was to find that this tacit agreement did not apply to them.


The late 20th Century brought much in the way of advancing American aspirations for all minority groups. It would be the early part of the 21st Century when President Obama's election catalyzed a restless White resentment into a movement of increasing size.  Our knowledge of history and our mission gave us an early view of some very ominous signs.


It was during the Trump Presidency that those who preferred White nationalism saw that they could openly advocate for a Whiter society, one that primarily benefited them and theirs! Mr. Trump was a rule-breaker his proponents and opponents agreed, he had no shame to stop him. During the Trump era it became clear that “The ideological, philosophical, and, in some cases, actual descendants of the Confederates are waging an unrelenting, not infrequently violent, war to keep what was once a White nationalist country from becoming a multiracial democracy” [2] A war that well preceded Trump, but one that gained traction and permission to mingle in public.

We saw events that caused the immediate sorting and polarization of America into two camps when it came to a vision for America:  One group made up of White nationalists and supremacists and their fellow travelers who believe that America is/should be a White country, run for Whites by Whites; Being in this first group doesn't require membership as much as attitude. And of course they will disagree with our interpretation of their well known goals, but we stand firm, they are Racist organizations founded on hate.


The second, opposing group, is made up of the rest of us who see/understand America as a multi-ethnic society and democracy. Being in this second camp, the multi-ethnic solution, is/was not always a conscious ‘join’ as much as the only choice left for those who find White supremacy/nationalism socially offensive and essentially un-American in ideals.

It is this final polarization, where Americans regard other different thinking Americans as 'the enemy', that caused us to start trying to influence openly the idea of a peaceful transition of power and founding Ideals, to a new and upcoming multi-ethnic generation.

We know that those who believe like us, are actually in the majority.


Recent polling provided results that when interpreted show: that of White Americans, as many as 41% would fall into that 1st group for a White America. But 56% of White Americans rejected that notion, instead believing that America was intended to be a nation of free citizen's, equal under the law.

The demographics are clear, we are a multi-ethnic country. The only path in the direction of progress, is to enable each of our citizen's the freedom to contribute to our society as a full responsible citizen.

So if you take the 56% of White people who are for a successful multi-ethnic society and democracy and add to them all other non-White citizens, you are clearly a plurality beyond a majority! Obviously if you are not a White ethnic, being for a multi-ethnic society is a no-brainer. It is this combined group of Americans, patriotic, believing in America’s aspirational promise, that is the key to taking our nation down the road of honor, courage, patriotism, and justice, fulfilling the age's old aspiration of freedom, justice and equality for all.

This New American Majority needs to recognize they are in an existential crisis for The United States. This stark division between the two sides, leaves no room for negotiation or compromise, It’s either liberty and justice for all, or not. They need to be organized into the component parts, each group showing their commitment and managing their contributions to the effort, which in large part means actively voting in all elections. Together we will always win, we are the majority.

We have formed an open group: “Old White Men of America™”. Join us as Supporters. You don't need to actually be an old White man to appreciate liberty and justice for all, and likewise anyone can join our cause and become supporters of:


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