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Our Work

Our work, like our organization, is in the process of being developed. But here are a few projects that we're working on.


To provide a meaningful way for White anti-racists, as a group, to make a contribution and play a role in the elimination of Racism in America. It is sometimes difficult to find effective ways to stand for doing what's right. Especially when the individual's circle of contacts provides little opportunity.

It is also true that many Whites don't wish to be seen in the role of the White savior*, an appellation most wish to avoid.

Our organization provides that space to take effective action and simultaneously directs that action at the problem, not a people. We encourage you to join our efforts and become a supporter today.



To assist in the self-education necessary to form a more perfect union, one that guarantees equality and justice for all. We have begun assembling and making available a library of articles, essays and links to help our supporters come to their own personal growth.


Building Awareness

To increase awareness of the benefits of a multi-ethnic society and democracy free of Racism. This campaign is our flagship awareness campaign and is tied directly to how well our nation's growth has tracked with the growth of those segments of the labor force which had been restricted through prior rules, mores and laws.


Creating Measurements

To develop solid measurements of where we are and what effect our group is having as time goes on. You can't change what you don't measure.

While there are many already existing measures from different viewpoints, we believe there can be an objective measure of Racism in a society and are currently working on that research.


To increase awareness and engagement we created the All, Means ALL! initiative which seeks to make the "All Symbol" ubiquitous. The All Symbol is meant to represent support for the idea that our nation's founding document; the "Declaration of Independence" laid out our aspirations, dreams and ideals. That foremost among these was the simple concept that "all men" (people!) were created equal and endowed with certain rights. It is from that simple phrase updated to today as 'All People are Created Equal' that the All Symbol initiative is derived and hoped to be a reminder of our nation's greatest aspiration. We are currently working on a social media campaign for the All Symbol, as well as encouraging other groups to join the effort.

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